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Planning Meeting (Feb 2016)

posted Feb 9, 2016, 5:51 PM by Sherwood Grad Night   [ updated Feb 10, 2016, 2:44 PM ]
Grad Night Planning meeting at SHS Media Center, Tuesday February 9th at 6:30pm.

Income to Date: $3900
Summary of Dec/Jan events
  • Basketball Concessions $880
  • Hoopswagg socks: $844
  • 50/50 raffle at basketball game $33
ButterBraid Fundraiser
Starting a week early (Wednesday Feb 10).  All order forms are due on March 2).  Delivery on March 16 at Sherwood Ice Arena.  (Easter is 3/27; spring break is 3/21-25)

50/50 Raffle
Learned a lot from the first 50/50 raffle.  Have a couple parents who will volunteer to help so we can recruit more students to circulate through the crowd.  Next 50/50 raffle at Varsity doubleheader basketball game (Feb 16).  Looking into possibly doing something at the spring musical.

February Dine-outs
  • Menchies (Feb 23/24) (10% off with flyer or mention of SHS)
  • Papa Murphys (Feb 23) Donate 20% over their normal Tuesday Sales -- no flyers/mention needed
Elks Club Bingo (Feb 27)
Update from Betsy
  • We have a professional Bingo Caller.
  • Food (Tacos, fries, tots and chicken strip) from the Elks.  Proceeds of food sales go to the Elks.
  • Beer, Wine, and soda has been donated.  Proceeds at front bar go to SHS grad night. 
  • $15 buys your cards and marker.
  • Four games of bingo followed by 50/50 raffle, more games, columbia/nike raffle, more games
  • Passes to Columbia Store and Nike store were donated for raffle.
  • after last two games, there will be a live auction for Gov't Camp and Portland Golf.  Payment can be made using Square credit card reader.
  • Setup at 4pm.  Need 6-8 people to help to setup (excellent opportunity for kids)
  • two juniors have volunteer to help the emcee of the event
  • need 2-3 people with food handler license to help in the kitchen
  • Elks giving us a discount on room rental fee ($100).  Need volunteers to do short service projects in the spring.
  • Need email to kids to share volunteer opportunities that they can do to support their grad night
  • Event is same night as Swingin' with Spagetti and Rec high school basketball tourney.
March Dine-out
  • Jersey Mikes March 16 from 4-8pm (donate 40% of all sales; no flyer needed).  They suggested getting students to stand in parking lot and sidewalk to promote.
April Dine-out
  • 503 Uncorked with Silpada (tentative April 12 from 5:30-8:30)  Last year, 15% was donated to grad night (~$200).  We should be able to do better.
Book Swap
This is an idea for a "personal fundraiser".  It has been very successful (~$500) with other events.
Someone hosts the event at their house.  You invite your friends via email/facebook.  It is not open to the general public...just your friend network.  Bring 5-10 books that you would like to swap.  Pay $20 at the door.  Take home 5-10 books.  Have a silent auction with raffle prizes.  Event usually happens mid-week.  It is typically over in less than 2 hours (eg. 6:30-8pm).  If you are interested in hosting an event for your friend network, contact....

May event:  Trivia night at the Elks Club.  Setup will be similar to Bingo Night.