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May Planning Meeting

posted May 16, 2016, 7:22 PM by Sherwood Grad Night
Current balance is $12277 toward the goal of $15000 by June.

Trivia Night Update
- Betsy reviewed the rundown on how the evening would work.
- Overview of how the seven rounds of trivia will work.  Tami Zigler is running 
- Shared the mini-events that occur between rounds (eg. raffles)
- Discussion on how Wine Grab would operate
- Tweeting requests for help from Junior class

Discussion of possible future fundraising:
- looking into possible Coffee event
- possible Winery event in mid-August (investigate a raffle for graduation seating or parking)
- possible 'pass the hat' at Robin Hood (doubtful)

Like previous years, the junior parents will be running the Checkin table at this year's graduation so the senior parents can enjoy graduation.  Need 27 junior adults to help with check-in.  Occurs from 7:45 (right after grad ceremony) to 9:30 (when they load the buses).  Will send out email to Junior Parents.