Why is this Grad Night Event so important?  Graduates often party hop in their efforts to celebrate with as many of their classmates as possible. We will provide a safe, alcohol/drug-free, and fun-filled alternative to party hopping. It keeps all of the graduates together and off of the roads, and allows parents to rest easy knowing their son/daughter is safely celebrating.

How can I help?  We need lots of help from both parents and students!  Students can participate in fundraisers.  Parents can manage committees, work on a committee and participate in fundraisers.  If you can contribute, please email us at 2017sherwoodgradnight@gmail.com or look for our email requests.

As the parent of one of this year's graduates, how will this affect my family celebration?  If you are planning a family graduation party, it would be best to pick a day either a few days before or after graduation. Please keep in mind that your graduate will have been awake over 24 hours when you come to pick him/her up.  Experience has shown that students are usually not ready for another graduation celebration on the day after graduation. 

Are all members of the graduating class eligible to attend?  Graduates must qualify to "walk" in the graduation ceremony in order to attend the 2017 Grad Night Event.

Why is the location a secret?  The location is kept secret so that the safety of the students is not compromised. Only students from the class of 2017 Sherwood High School are allowed to attend. Keeping the venue a secret also enhances the anticipation of the night. Only the three chairpersons will know the location until the students board the buses. Volunteers for that night will learn the location shortly after graduation so they may drive there to prepare for our graduates' arrival.

Will there be paperwork for the parents to fill out?  Seniors will receive an invitation in the spring semester of 2017. Reservations will be collected along with signed permission forms. Only some details of the celebration will be provided to students and parents.  The location will not be provided to ensure the safety of the students.

What does this cost?  See "Our Finances" in the left sidebar for our best estimate.

How is this funded?  The 2017 Grad Night Party receives no funding from tax dollars or the school district. Our goal is to make the individual cost a reasonable amount for everyone. This will be possible through the generosity of donations and fundraising efforts by the Class of 2017.

Can I make a business or individual donation? Is it tax deductible?  Donations of money, goods, and services are most welcome and may be sent to Sherwood High School, Attention Grad Night 2017, at 16956 SW Meinecke Road, Sherwood, OR 97140.  Checks should be made out to "SHS Grad Night 2017". We can provide a tax deductible receipt.

Can I just pay $100 and not participate in any fundraising?  Yes!  Checks should be payable to "SHS Grad Night 2017" and can be mailed to Sherwood High School or dropped at the front office. Make sure your student's name is written clearly in the memo line.  Click here for more details.

Should my son/daughter participate in the fundraising activities?  Yes! We hope that by actively helping to raise the money for their Grad Night party, students will feel ownership, better understand the value of the event, bond with their fellow Class of 2017 grads, and get excited to attend the party.

How many fundraisers do we have to participate in?  Graduates and their parents are encouraged to participate in as many fundraisers as they can. Fundraising will help to keep individual costs down. To be a success we need EVERYONE to participate.

If my son/daughter does not graduate or decides not to attend the 2017 Grad Night party, can I get my money back?  No, we will not be able to refund money.

If I tell you today that my child will not participate in the graduation party then they change their mind at the last minute, will they be able to go?  Yes, and they will be required to pay the fee - $150 or less depending on fundraising.

How can I find out more?  For further information or to volunteer, please contact us at 2017sherwoodgradnight@gmail.com or call one of our chairpersons (see the Committees/Contacts tab for phone numbers).